Friday, February 8, 2008


The rundown:

5:30 am : headed to Senen to buy 3 whole chickens, 2 kilos of legs, 2 kilos of fish fillet and the chillies and veggies for adults, plus cake plates, forks, and tissues.

6:30 am : cleaned the chicken and got everything cooked (Masni's job)

9:00 am : got all the boys and the party girl to look dapper

10:30 am: First guests arrived (oh boy!) : Icham and his brother

11:00 am: (where's the other guests). Phew ! Mila and the boys were here! More people! (oh right, the snacks). Darryl and Salma and his little brother were here. Kids were milling around in the pool, impatient. OK, MC started the party, kids singing, the whole bruhahaha. Totally wild!

11:30 am: They all had lunch before heading to the pool.

12:30 am: More guests : Eyang & Nenek, Lula+Andi+Kayla, Nisa+Ubi, Andung, Uni Ef+Uda Fatih+Ziyad+Namira, Uni Yet+Haziq+Sukna+Uda Fahril, Uda Gun+Uni, Maya+Hubby+Fitri+Shakira

15:30 am : GRRRREATTTT PARTY. Kasih's totally happy.

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