Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

I was a bit surprised this year that my parents actually was into Valentine's Day. My dad the other day asked my mom to go out for a Valentine's Dinner, which she refused because she said they're not teenagers anymore. This morning, while on the car, my mom was pretty absorbed in watching teen celebrities' romantic plannings or deeds during the V-Day. She even said Happy Valentine to me! That was so cute.
On a side note, I got chocolate from Uda.

That's midnight affair - Revlon LE on my fingers.

I also found out that most people my age, here in Jakarta, thought that Valentine's Day was only for younger people and that not many people cared too much about celebrating it. It was kind of a relief knowing that I don't have to demand Uda to be all mushy toward me especially on this day. Imagine how Americans (or perhaps Europeans as well?) mostly go all out during Valentine's Day. I personally think that Valentine's Day is a bit overrated. What is really so special about having chocolates, plush dolls/teddies and candlelight dinner today compares to any other day. Now, I might have different say if let's say I have a diamond ring or Tiffany bean necklace or ring as a Valentine's present. Now, I'd call myself extremely extremely lucky and all the love gods and naked cupids in the world certainly love me.

Eventhough I couldn't care less about Valentine's Day but still that is not an excuse to look dopey. So here's my Valentine's Day face.

Face : No sunblock as it's totally cloudy outside
MAC Bronzer in Bronze
L'Oreal Blush delish in *pink*
Body shop Foundation #7/6
Select Sheer Loose Powder NC20

Eyes : Green paint pot (from painterly) all over lid up to the crease
Sweet Violet just over the lid
Bourjous pink gold blush as the highlight
Revlon red on lips and PAC orange gloss on top of it.


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Mila said...

Narsisstic biatch!
Hehehehe but you look lovely dopey, just beat this misschickie's advise
Can't you walk around in daylight like thiiiiss?