Monday, March 10, 2008

My Dior Lip Palette

I adores palette for the reason that it makes carrying make up super light and I have lots of colors to choose from. Now, if the palette is designed in an uber fierce compact, that's l.o.v.e.

Let me present my Dior Detective Chic lip palette (from Spring 2007), a gift from my beautiful mommy ... (drum rolls)

Isn't it fab? I love love the color. It's just so me.

The lip palette consisted of 6 colors of Dior Addict lipsticks; 4 from Dior Addict line (#797, 579, 369, 489) and 2 from Dior Addict Ultra-Nude (282 & 220). I love Dior Addict line because it gives out a little bit of shine due to its multi-reflex pigments. It is also very moisturizing but quite lasting, unless a plate of oily fried noodles is involved. The palette also comes with a double-tipped lip pencil which is incredible.

Color rundown of the Addict lipstick
797, violet spectral
579 is a rose vision
369 is a rose cosmique
489 is a rose mirage

They are all gorgeous, and best of all are all permanent colors.

The Ultra-Nude are quite pretty but I couldn't pull the color off. Besides, they're no longer available so I don't need to elaborate on the color.

My favorite so far are 369 and 489. They're pretty nude but they give out a bit of a shimmer and they make my lips look better instead of super nudey kuntilanak lips. They could also be a dupe to each other because both of them look pretty similar on my lips.
See what I mean?

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