Monday, March 10, 2008

Street Performance

There's not many street performers in Jakarta, but out of those few, these are my favorites (found in Pasar Mayestik, near the exit.

This guy absolutely loved his rocking horse. Last week his tool of the trade was a kick-ass motorcycle and I loved watching him swooshing by back and forth in front of his master.

This guy stood still looking at me for a minute when I offered him money and just like a naughty kid who just couldn't resist to grab a chocolate temptation, he suddenly grabbed my fingers with his super smooth and tiny fingers before taking the money. Mind you, it was a mind blowing experience. I shrieked when his fingers touched mine not only because I didn't expect it but also because the coolness of his fingers. It happened so fast, though, that the memory part of my brain might not have to store that info for me. Just amazing.

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