Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Koji Linequeen Oval Eyebrow Pencil - THE Ultimate Eyebrow Saver

Hail to all the super women who are stuck with sparse eyebrows!

If you are a woman, has problems with barely there eyebrows, live in Indonesia, then you must be living 6 ft. underground if you have never heard of Viva eyebrow pencil.  It said to be waterproof but based on my experience it melted a bit when I sweat and definitely lost its staying power after 4 hours, so reapplication is a must.  Or in most cases I needed to do eyebrow status check-in the rest room at least once during office hours.
Pensil alis Viva - pic from pipikedut.wordpress.com
As this comes in black and brown, this pencil is most suitable for those with dark brows.  If you have lighter brows, you can still use it but definitely you need to apply with very very light hand. 

Despite its cult status in Indonesia, though, this pencil is a b*ch to use when I'm in a hurry and just don't have the time to draw my eyebrows because it is really have dark color transfer.  It's easy to overdo the coloring.

But eversince the trip to KL last month, I made a drastic change and just put away my beloved Viva that I'd been using for years for this amaaaazing new product made in Japan called "Koji Linequeen Oval Eyebrow Pencil." 

This pencil comes in 3 colors dark brown, red brown and yellow brown, for the lighter brow ladies out there and comes in a twisted pencil form. The following are the reasons why I think this is such an amazing eyebrow pencil :
Dual head -- one end is the brush

The other head - fine oval tip
One just can't go wrong with this pencil.  The pencil tip is soft so it's just impossible to end up with hars lines.  Just brush the brows and put them in place then start drawing my brows just the way I want them to be. The application is so effortless.

And the other best feature is that it's waterproof and long lasting.  I could put it on early in the day and come home late and my brows are still in top shapes.

Top : Viva; Bottom :  Koji

These kind of brows are a piece of cake these days!

I haven't seen this across Jakarta stores, but if you have a quick trip to Singapore or KL, check out the drugstores or makeup counters grab this baby.

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